Our living environment can be greatly enhanced by a successful renovation.
To renovate is to mend, to clean up, to protect, and as such, to embellish our living or working places.
Everything is possible: changing or emphasizing the character, the ambient of a place, creating harmonies, colour contrasts, intensities, brightness, textures.
Most of the time, a few details will do the trick.
For instance: "On one of the living room's wall, let's have a decorative coating so that the chimney looks larger; or well oriented glass tiles to make the light waver across the room; or that piece of furniture in the lobby, repainted and patinaed to look like the doors as though it belonged here; the beams, of the same hued bluish grey as the nice pebbles of the garden; then -why not?- in the bathroom, a very simple and nice "faience" that will change everything; or, in the bedroom, a wallpaper to dream about.. or even some handpainted patterns on the walls and the furniture."

There are so many possibilities. Just tell us what you wish and need. We can bring you help, thanks to various documents: magazines, catalogues, pictures, colour charts, sketches, as well as being attentive to your needs and prodigal with our advices.