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Welcome to Les Artichaux

Jessika Cviklinski and Sylvain Coudray, both certified house-painters,
are proud to present you  Les Artichaux, Inc.

Our job is our passion: 
Our job is our passion: we renovate, fit out and embellish modern or ancient buildings (both indoors and outdoors), following technical and environmental standards of our time.

One of our most special skills is the preparation of mortars, coatings, plasters and lime-paints.

Whether you are professionals or private individuals, we carefully listen to you, providing advice, technical solutions and ways to implement them. We can also help and provide consulting on your working sites (see here).

 Sharp estimation, complete with specifications; we keep to deadlines.

We respect your living environment.

We use high-quality paints and materials to preserve your health as well as ours.

This is all parts of our commitment, this is how we work. 


Good visit!

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